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Why Personal Care and Hygiene Matter?


Good hygiene is a key to good health and wellness for people of all ages. It keeps us clean, presentable, smelling good, and healthy. It is one of the practices we promote as a home care agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Personal care and cleanliness do not only provide a clean feeling and good looks. It also gives seniors in assisted living in Minnesota a sense of confidence in themselves and a positive outlook on proper hygiene practices. They will have the confidence to mingle with other people and engage in conversations – which can be beneficial to their mental wellness.

Handwashing with soap and clean water and using alcohol-based sanitizers are also parts of hygienic practices. They eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can cause illnesses, infection, and infestation. Seniors have higher chances of dodging these illnesses when their caregivers always keep them clean, as well as their surroundings. It promotes a convenient living space.

Best Choice Home Care, LLC works hand-in-hand with its patients, their families, and other people involved in maintaining their health and wellness at home. Should you prefer to avail of our customized living in Minnesota for you or a loved one, call us at 612-545-5162 now!


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