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Assistance with Daily Living: Telltale Signs


Determining the right time when seniors need additional assistance may be a challenge for family members. While the desire to be independent and retain control is dominant among seniors, there will come a time when additional support and assistance is the better option. But when? Read the signs below.

  • Changes in physical and mental health

    Changes include unexplained weight loss, balance and mobility issues, chronic pain, and more. These changes lead to loneliness and isolation from their friends and peers. Look out for these signs, and don’t hesitate to hire customized living in Minnesota to ensure seniors can still enjoy a good quality of life.

  • Memory issues/cognitive decline

    Some obvious signs of cognitive decline are confusion, forgetfulness, disorientation, repetitive behavior, etc. With the help of assisted living in Minnesota, a professional can look after your loved ones and ensure their cognitive issues do not affect their overall health, safety, and well-being. Don’t hesitate to consider professional help as soon as possible.

  • Neglect in personal hygiene

    When seniors start to neglect to brush their teeth, bathe, or change their clothes, it’s a sign they need a living space, and they also need assistance from a trained professional. Hygiene is essential to maintain senior health. Look out for neglect in personal hygiene, and don’t wait before it’s too late!.

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